Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 2 Stats

Hi all, a quick recap since last post:

- Paypal donate button
- Received a lot of feedback; great insight that I can use with my research paper!

So, here are the stats:
Number of donations: 1
Highest donation: $.50
Total amount: $.50
OVERALL donation: $1.51

Thanks for the support, and keep on checking around here :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just Found: Paypal Donate Button Takes Out Fees!

I was absolutely BLOWN away by this. Just to make this short and sweet (well, I guess not so sweet), Paypal takes a third of your donations.

So, someone who donated $.01 (one penny) will have a Paypal fee, which I believe it to be one third of the total donation (1/3 or 33.333...%).

I am not a mathematician, but .01-.01=0

Hmm... I'm kind of speechless.

I was chatting with someone, and it got me to think of this equivalent situation. Imagine someone on the street asking for a dollar, and you give them that dollar... but then you see some business man walk up next to him and take a third of that (I picture seeing the business man ripping a third of that dollar off) dollar donation.

I know I am not here to make money from the experiment, but I am not here to make money for Paypal either!

Doen't seem right, huh?

Well, what I NEED NOW are people's suggestions as to alternative methods for making donations!


Day 1

Even though it hasn't been a full day, I am going to give the stats anyways.

Number of donations: 2
Total amount: $1.01
Highest donation: $1.00

I was amazed at how warm of a response this project DE (Donate Experiment) has received already! It was about an hour after I launched the blog, and I receive not only my first donation, but that person donated the maximum amount! This really had me excited, and then an hour after the first donation came the second!

As for how I promoted my project, I only used two sites, DigitalPoint Forums and eHow's forum.

DP Forum:
eHow Forum:

So, for now I am very thankful for the support so far... and DE could not have started any better! Really look forward to tomorrow, and hope you do too!

Any comments or thoughts that you would like to share are definitely welcomed!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Welcome to The Donate Experiment!

This is a brand new project, a test to see what can be made from someone asking for donations, no more than $1.00!

The more success, meaning more donations, there are... the more possibilities there can be through this blog!

Simply click the Donate Button to the right of the blog, and make a donation!

As well, I will report daily on updates to the number and amounts of the donations, as well as general thoughts towards the experiment itself.

So, I look forward to seeing the results, and hope you do too!